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Foot Care

Foot Care Tips

Check weekly for the following;

To ensure your toenails are cut straight across to a comfortable length with no sharp edges.

For cracks, breaks in skin and blisters. Treat with disinfectant to rid of bacteria.

For any obvious problems such as verrucas (which are infectious) corns and calluses.

Signs and symptoms of athletes foot; dry, red, scaly, flaky, white, soggy, cracked, itchy, sore. Small blisters that can spread around the foot and into the toe nails. To help prevention wash and dry feet thoroughly morning and night. Ensure your feet get plenty of air. Wear cotton socks. Use powder to help prevent them from getting sweaty.

Ingrown toenail is caused by the nail growing into the skin. If it breaks through the skin, inflammation occurs. The main cause is improper trimming of the nails.

Do you suffer from a niggling pain under your foot possibly due to a cut or lump? It's not always easy to see the area concerned, so get a hand held mirror to look at it. 


45 minutes initial appointment


30 minutes follow up


Warm wax treatment

Price on request




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