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Sports Massage at SB Physiotherapy

Sports Massage can be beneficial to all not just sports people and athletes. So whether you are stiff from your last training session, tight from being hunched over a desk all day, or have DOM’s from a weekend of DIY, a sports massage may be for you.

Sports massage is generally ‘deeper’ than that used in Swedish massage or at a spa, but the depth of stroke is tailored to the patient’s comfort level and the aims of the treatment. Sports Massage can help to:

•Reduce Muscle soreness

•Stretch muscle and fascia

•Assist circulation and drainage

•Soothe painful and sore areas

•Reduce muscle tone

•Reduce local swelling

•Soften the fascia

•Loosen adhesions between the tissues

•Prepare the muscle for activity

•Reduce trigger point activity

•Break down scar tissue


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